What to Expect

At VVSA we understand the concern you have for your pet and we are here to provide the support and care you need.

Your consultation

Please bring the following with your pet to your appointment:

You can expect your appointment to last between 1 and 1.5 hours.  The cost for the consultation appointment varies and is dependent upon the needs of your pet.  An estimate for recommended diagnostics and/or treatments will be provided at the conclusion of your consultation appointment.  You may schedule your next visit before leaving our office.

Preparing for surgery

The night before surgery please do not feed your pet after 6pm and do not offer water after midnight, unless otherwise directed by our staff.

The morning of surgery please bring your pet in at the time instructed by our staff.  We also ask that you bring in all current medications and any special food.

A deposit for your pet’s procedure will be collected the morning of surgery.  Please refer to our Payment Policy for additional details.

Your surgeon will contact you after your pet has recovered from anesthesia.  Your pet’s length of stay with us after surgery depends upon the procedure performed and any special needs your pet may have.  You and your surgeon will work together to determine the best plan for discharge.  You will be able to review our home-care instructions with a licensed veterinary technician when you arrive to take your pet home.

Preparing for a sedated exam

Examinations while under sedation are often needed for preliminary diagnostics and follow up appointments.  If you are unsure if your appointment will require sedation please call us to find out.

The night before your appointment for a sedated exam please do not feed your pet after 6 pm and do not offer water after midnight, unless otherwise directed by our staff.

The morning of the sedated exam please bring your pet to us at the time instructed by our staff.

There is a cost associated with sedated exams. If you have not already received an estimate, one will be provided. A deposit will be collected the morning of your appointment and any remaining balance will be collected at discharge.

Your surgeon will contact you once your pet has recovered from sedation.  Discharge times are between 2:30 and 4:30 unless otherwise specified.

After surgery

Every pet is unique and recovers in its own way. We encourage you to reread the home-care instructions once you’ve returned home with your pet as many of your questions may be addressed within the instructions. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call our office (804.716.4800) Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. After 5 pm and on weekends, if you have urgent concerns about your pet, you are welcome to call the 24/7 emergency team here at the Dogwood Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center (804.716.4700). Otherwise, any non-urgent questions can be addressed to the VVSA staff the following morning. You are welcome to leave a message on our voicemail any time and we will return your call during normal business hours.

Follow up appointments are important to ensure that your pet is recovering well. If a recheck appointment has not already been scheduled at the time of discharge, please contact us on the following business day to schedule a time. We recommend calling as soon as possible to allow for flexibility in scheduling.