Piper’s Christmas Miracle

Piper was brought to Dogwood Emergency in December and went to Virginia Veterinary Surgical Associates for surgery. She had traveled to Richmond with her owners from NY to visit family in Chesterfield, got loose and was hit by a car on I-288. After being missing for days, she was found by construction workers in a grassy area off the highway. Her owners brought her into our ER and where she was stabilized and made comfortable until her surgery.

Here’s a note from Piper’s family: “Got to see Piper this morning. Her left hind paw has a soft cast from her fracture and ligament surgery while her right hip has a long scar from where they went in to assist the healing of her pelvic fractures with a metal plate. The great doctors at VVSA say we probably can take her home tomorrow.” Piper has since gone back to New York with her family and is recovering nicely. Here is the original story from WWBT NBC12.



“A Christmas Miracle!” That’s what a family visiting Chesterfield is calling the return of their lost dog.

Three-year-old Piper escaped Christmas Eve. She went missing for three days, survived getting hit by a car, and now she’s back in the arms of her family.

The owners launched a desperate search for Piper, and they say they had the help of an entire community.

Piper is back with her family after a scary run in unfamiliar territory.

“We are crying our eyes out because we are missing our dog,” said Laurie Marshall.

Marshall says she and her family – and their newly-adopted dog – drove from New York City to visit their relatives in Chesterfield for the holidays. Piper didn’t get along with the other dog in the house, so Laurie brought her to a dog-sitter Christmas Eve.

When the family went out to eat, “We get a call from the dog sitter, frantic,” said Marshall.

Piper had escaped. Marshall and her family immediately searched through the woods, but Piper could not be found.

“We had search parties out that night. Nobody could find her,” said Marshall.

The family made a Facebook page pleading for help and offering a $1,000 reward.

“It was incredible the support we got from this area,” said Marshall.

Marshall was overwhelmed by the response with people who helped look for Piper.

“We’d be walking in the woods, and we’d see people coming in the opposite direction, and they would say, ‘Have you seen this dog Piper?’ And we’d say, ‘That’s our dog you’re looking for.’”

Finally on Tuesday morning, Marshall received a call from roadside construction workers off Route 288. Soon, Piper would feel the arms of her family again. But the workers didn’t want a reward; instead, they asked that the money be used to pay for Piper’s surgery, since she suffered broken bones after likely getting hit by a car.

“If I could thank all the people out there who helped Piper get home safely, from the bottom of my heart. It’s an amazing story,” said Marshall.

Piper will go into surgery Wednesday. Her family tells us she still has her Christmas gifts to open after she’s recovered.

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