Why do I need a referral to be seen by at surgeon at VVSA?

VVSA works in conjunction with general practice veterinarians to achieve a higher level of care. It is important for our specialists to be able to have contact with your pet’s veterinarian before and after your appointments to ensure proper treatment is given. Ask your veterinarian today if your pet could benefit from a surgical consultation with a board certified surgeon at VVSA.

Why do I need a consultation?

Board Certified Surgeons are considered specialists within the field of veterinary medicine. A thorough physical exam from one of our specialists will aid in the diagnosis of your pet. After the examination of your pet and review of medical history, the surgeon will discuss with you the different options that are available for your pet. A surgical consultation with VVSA will benefit you and your pet by allowing you to fully understand your options and feel comfortable with your pet’s treatment. Call or submit a request online to schedule your consultation today!

How long will my pet have to wait after the consultation appointment for surgery?

After your consultation appointment you can schedule surgery before you leave the office. Each doctor has certain days on which surgeries are performed. In most cases, surgery can be scheduled within one week of the appointment. More urgent cases can be scheduled sooner to accommodate the needs of your pet.

Which surgeon will perform the surgery?

At VVSA, the surgeon who performs your consultation will be the surgeon performing the surgery to allow for continuity and optimal communication. Exceptions may be made in emergency situations. All of our surgeons are board certified with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, so you can be sure that your pet is receiving care from a skilled team of qualified professionals. Check out testimonials from previous clients here.

How much will the surgery cost?

The cost of a particular surgery is dependent on many factors, including your pet’s size, injury or disease process, previously performed diagnostics, potential surgical implants, medical history, and hospitalization. You will be provided with an estimate specific to your pet’s needs at the time of your consultation. The estimate does not include possible follow-up radiographs and additional medications needed during recovery.


Will x-rays be performed at my consultation appointment?

Radiographs will not typically be performed during your initial consultation. Sedation is often required to obtain diagnostic quality images. If your regular veterinarian has previously taken radiographs, we ask that you bring a copy with you for review.

Can I drop my pet off for the consultation appointment?

Your consultation includes an in-depth examination and discussion with one of our surgeons about your options. For the consultation appointment we ask that both you and your pet are present.

How long will my pet have to stay with VVSA after surgery?

Most often your pet will spend the night postoperatively. Doctors, technicians, and assistants at Dogwood provide outstanding overnight care for our patients. In some cases, patients can go home the same day of surgery, usually late in the afternoon. Your surgeon will let you know which will be best for your pet.

What do I do after the surgery?

When you pick your pet up after surgery, one of our licensed veterinary technicians will review home care instructions and answer questions regarding your pet’s surgery and care. If any questions or concerns arise at home, please call us so we can provide the advice and answers you need.